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Thursday, March 27

Lady Pendragon Faces Challenge of Pilot Season

Top Cow Productions’ highly successful Pilot Season program continues
with the return of a fan-favorite heroine in the all-new Pilot Season:
Lady Pendragon #1, written by her creator, Top Cow President & COO Matt
Hawkins, and illustrated by ERU of IFS.

Lady Pendragon enters the program with a time-spanning mystery that
starts on present-day Mars, where scientists discover a circle of
stones, a sword and a cache of encased Latin scrolls that translate
into passages from the historical fiction of author Jennifer Drake.

In the distant past, Guinevere – facing a shattered Camelot after the
death of King Arthur and the fall of the Round Table – attempts to
defeat a Saxon incursion and heal her realm with Excalibur. From a
desperate time when magic is dying to a new age where it may be found
anew, these two stories interlace into an unforgettable tale.

Topped by a magnificent painted cover by legendary movie poster artist
Drew Struzan, the 32-page, full-color is slated to ship on May 28.

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